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Start sale business park Zevenhuis

admin on 18 mei 2013



On Thursday April 11th, vice governor Jan van Run gave the official go-ahead for the sale of lots in business park Zevenhuis in Hoorn.

On Thursday 11 April, Member of the Provincial Executive Jan van Run gave the official go-ahead for the sale of lots on the Zevenhuis development area in Hoorn. The development area will keep the name Zevenhuis, without ” ’t “. Zevenhuis development area is located at Westfrisiaweg, north of the Bangert and Oosterpolder residential areas, and close to the A7 motorway. The development area is firstly intended for companies from Hoorn and the Hoorn region, but will also be able to accommodate companies from outside the region. It is intended for the establishment of all sorts of branches from the small and medium enterprise field, such as trade, services, production, and storage. It is for the first time in years that new development area comes available in Hoorn.

“Zevenhuis development area will give an impulse to employment in Hoorn and the Westfriesland region”, says Alderman Aart Ruppert.

Durability and chain-collaboration
Zevenhuis development area will be arranged durably as much as possible. The development area is situated in a green environment,
abounding in water. Apart from room for growth and expansion of companies from the region, the is ambition is that Zevenhuis will also offer room to companies that closely collaborate with each other and can jointly make use of collective facilities, as for example energy and even business accommodation as well.

The name of the development area will remain Zevenhuis, without ” ’t “. The Hoorn municipality and project developers Scholtens & Steenveste have considered providing the development area with a new name. Thereby advice was called upon from a marketing agency as well. The Noord-Hollands Dagblad newspaper called upon its readers to think up a new name. ‘We have seriously studied the names,’ says Alderman Aart Ruppert. ‘It is really fantastic how many people thought along. But we have come to the conclusion that Zevenhuis has meanwhile become rather well-known. It would be a shame to now give up that recognisability. Still we wish to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and effort. All people who have thought along will therefore receive a present from us.’

Sales start
Scholtens Projecten is responsible for the sales of the lots at Zevenhuis development area. General Director Guido Scholtens is happy with the rapid development of Zevenhuis development area: ‘Of the total of 42 hectare, after the summer holidays the first section of 11 hectare will be made read for building. The sale of the lots has now started. The first lots can be delivered by early 2014. We are therefore happy to enter into discussions with entrepreneurs on their future plans.’ Alderman Aart Ruppert also hopes for a successful start of the sales: ‘It is for the first time in years that business lots are once again available in Hoorn, whereas there was and is huge demand for that. I am happy that entrepreneurs can now finally make the step towards a new future.