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kevinzevenhuis on 6 juli 2014



July 2014 – Hoorn – An impressive sight: Large pipes are strung together into a finely meshed network that will transport water, gas, electricity and glass fibre cables at a depth of 2.5 metres. Zevenhuis comes to life. On Wednesday 2 July, Ben Tap, the new economic affairs councillor, vigorously rolled up his sleeves and helped to construct this underground infrastructure at the Zevenhuis industrial estate. A sewer section was laid under the ground, which was the last step in the preparation of the site for construction. This was immediately followed by the construction of the roads and laying of asphalt, installation of public lighting and the creation of the water feature at the entrance.

‘The place to be’ for entrepreneurs
The N23 will be doubled and Zevenhuis will be linked with the N23 in April 2015. The industrial estate will be quickly and easily accessible from the A7. The Hoorn region will also be enhanced with the establishment of Van der Valk Hotel Hoorn, which will provide dynamic added value for business and commerce. The business activities in the vicinity of Hoorn will become the hub for entrepreneurs. In other words: ‘The place to be’.

Zevenhuis comes to life…
This summer, the first company, MOSO International B.V., will start building its business premises here and a petrol station will also be built.

‘There are positive discussions underway with companies expressing interest. But these require some time.’ Naturally, businesses have to take a great deal into account, and this type of decision is taken after careful consideration. Questions such as: What is the economy doing? What does this mean for the growth of my business? Can we first expand, or do we need other premises? Will this be a new building? All questions that must be carefully considered in order to arrive at a sound decision. ‘It therefore takes a long time to complete these comprehensive processes,’according to Guido Scholtens.

Ben Tap: ‘It is a fantastic development for Hoorn and the region that entrepreneurs can continue to grow and can also start and build something new. Hoorn has a good climate for entrepreneurs and the establishment of businesses, with good and complete industrial estates and facilities. Zevenhuis is ideal for this. ‘As a councillor and an ambassador of Zevenhuis I work hard on the strengthening of the local and regional economy and also to resolve the issues of entrepreneurs who are, after all, the engine of our economy.’

A bird’s eye view of Zevenhuis.
Zevenhuis industrial estate offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to conduct business as effectively as possible. Other points of departure are the quality of the public space, flexibility of plot size and sustainability. Zevenhuis offers space for everything from small-scale businesses to multinationals. Companies and businesses that believe in co-creation, chain effects and strength through connections will find their new home base here.