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New sustainable head office for MOSO International B.V.

kevinzevenhuis on 6 november 2014



On 26 November 2014, MOSO International BV in Hoorn started construction of the new, sustainable business premises at the Zevenhuis industrial estate in Hoorn. Councillor Ben Tap drove the official 1st pile for the first company at this industrial estate.

MOSO International BV is a company specialising in the development and worldwide sale of industrially processed bamboo products for indoor and outdoor use. Naturally, as much bamboo as possible will be used in the floors, walls, roofs and outer walls in the new MOSO head office.

Inventive solution to a global problem

One of the biggest global problems is the unlimited exploitation of natural raw materials in the world, such as the destruction of tropical rain forests.
Bamboo offers a meaningful alternative – not a tree, but a type of grass with the properties of hard wood that grows at exceptional speed: no less than one metre per day!

Every year, the mother plant shoots new stems. And in a mature plantation the five year old stems can be harvested, without the forest decreasing in size. These forests are therefore an inexhaustible source of high quality raw materials for the production of floors, panels, beams, veneer and these days even bamboo decking planks, wall cladding and frames!

Natural beauty

In addition to being the ecologically responsible choice, bamboo products are also a stylish choice due to the natural beauty of bamboo.
And bamboo has even more advantages. Bamboo is demonstrably CO2 neutral throughout the entire life cycle (LCA study by TU Delft), anti-allergenic, hard and durable. Bamboo is extremely stable and there are an enormous range of finishes, styles and colours. This makes the product suitable for a great many purposes, and everyone’s wishes can be fulfilled: “Unlimited Solutions in Bamboo” is therefore the credo of MOSO International BV.

The many advantages associated with bamboo have created enormous worldwide demand for bamboo products and therefore the growth of MOSO International BV. In order to be able to meet this global demand, MOSO has decided to expand with a new head office with a production hall at the Zevenhuis industrial estate in Hoorn.

Contractor / architect

Scholtens Bouw B.V. in Wognum is constructing the new premises for MOSO – the production hall of 4200 m2and the accompanying office space of 1350 m2. The installation technology is delivered by Knook Totaal Techniek BV in Purmerend. The design of the new premises was created by Landmark Vastgoed Management BV in Warmenhuizen. It is expected that MOSO will start using the new premises at Zevenhuis in the 3rd quarter of 2015.