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Zevenhuis offers a Little Owl a new hunting (business) area

kevinzevenhuis on 6 september 2014



September 2014 – Zevenhuis has started creating a nature reserve for the Little Owl. Research has revealed that there is a little owl on the Zwaagdijk. The arrival of Zevenhuis has reduced the owl’s living space. Zevenhuis has therefore created a compensation area that has been optimised for the owl to the north of the Zwaagdijk.

The Zevenhuis industrial estate is being constructed with respect for the surroundings. A wide green zone is also being created between the Zwaagdijk residential strip and Zevenhuis, and the plan includes space for water. Bicycle and pedestrian paths are constructed not only for those who work in Zevenhuis, but also for young people and holiday-makers who are going to school, or heading the other way, to discover the beautiful landscape of West Friesland.