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Bamboo specialist MOSO International BV, a pioneer in the Zevenhuis Hoorn business park

kevinzevenhuis on 6 maart 2014



MOSO International BV is the first company to settle in the new, sustainable Zevenhuis business park. MOSO is the European market leader in developing and selling innovative and eco-friendly bamboo products. The Zevenhuis management company is especially delighted that MOSO is the groundbreaker. This company fits in perfectly with Zevenhuis, because they, too, put a high premium on sustainability. On 17 March 2014, the parties signed the contracts. MOSO expects to move into the new office and business premises in 2015.

Why Zevenhuis?

Director Gerry Jansen: “Ever since setting up business at De Marowijne in 2005, MOSO — with 50 employees worldwide, of which 30 work at the corporate headquarters in Zwaag — has experienced considerable growth due to the increasing focus on sustainability in the construction sector and our company motto “Green, Greener, Greenest”. As a result, we have outgrown our present premises and are even obliged to rent various industrial halls in other locations outside our headquarters. The move to Zevenhuis will permit us to focus even more on our international growth ambitions, with the ultra-

modern office building and industrial hall (with a surface of approx. 6000 m2) serving as an example of sustainable construction, not only as far as energy is concerned (we aim for energy-neutral facilities), but in particular for the sustainable use of materials. We want the new office to be a showcase for the endless possibilities of giant bamboo as a hardwood substitute; the raw material grows extremely fast, is very strong and is even proven to be CO2-neutral across its entire life cycle. In the new office, we want to show how bamboo can replace hardwood even in the most demanding applications, such as floors, window frames, doors, decking and even siding. The ambitions of Zevenhuis for a sustainable, modern business park go very well with MOSO, and we expect that potential buyers, among them innovative companies in the manufacturing industry, such as fitters and carpentry shops, will follow us quickly.”

Municipality of Hoorn

Aart Ruppert, Alderman for Economic Affairs of the Municipality of Hoorn: “To have a globally operating, growing company such as MOSO, with its focus on sustainability and innovation, remain in Hoorn is great news for us. In Hoorn, we have not had any industrial land available for a long time. So we were repeatedly forced to say “no”, and companies had to move to other places. The Zevenhuis business park once again offers businesses in Hoorn an opportunity to grow and gives new businesses the space to establish themselves in Hoorn. This is good and important news for our economy and for creating jobs in our town.”