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Work resumes on N23 Westfrisiaweg

Work resumes on N23 Westfrisiaweg

Heijmans and the Province of Noord-Holland have reached agreement about the N23 Westfrisiaweg project. The parties have formulated mutual agreements about the further planning and implementation of the project. Heijmans, with immediate effect, will resume work on the N23 Westfrisiaweg and expects to be able to open the road to traffic at the end of 2018. Read more

New sustainable head office for MOSO International BV.

On 26 November 2014, MOSO International BV in Hoorn started construction of the new, sustainable business premises at the Zevenhuis industrial estate in Hoorn. Councillor Ben Tap drove the official 1st pile for the first company at this industrial estate. Read more>

Seven essential questions for your investment at the Zevenhuis industrial estate

October 2014 - Entrepreneurs looking at new location options for their businesses ask a great deal of questions. Where do I want to establish my business? How big must the building be? What image must it project? How much do I want to invest? BDO Accountants & Adviseurs helps you to answer these and other questions in order to make a responsible investment decision. Read more>

New trends and developments by Zevenhuis sustainability coach

October 2014 - Where the Cabinet is primarily concerned with achieving the goals for the generation of sustainable energy in 2020, a silent change can be seen in the landscape of West Friesland: there are an increasing number of solar panels on roofs. Read more>

Zevenhuis offers a Little Owl a new hunting (business) area

September 2014 - Zevenhuis has started creating a nature reserve for the Little Owl. Research has revealed that there is a little owl on the Zwaagdijk. The arrival of Zevenhuis has reduced the owl’s living space. Zevenhuis has therefore created a compensation area that has been optimised for the owl to the north of the Zwaagdijk. Read more>

Lots Zevenhuis readily available

July 2014 - Hoorn – An impressive sight: Large pipes are strung together into a finely meshed network that will transport water, gas, electricity and glass fibre cables at a depth of 2.5 metres. Zevenhuis comes to life. Read more>

Happy Energy. The movement for a sustainable Earth and Us; Humanity

It is enough, we have gone too far !!! The Industrial Revolution has brought us in an unwanted state, we bulldozed through nature, we ruin our life support. We need to stop, we need to change, we need to choose another path, we need to update our lives and our ways of doing business. Read more>

Inspiring street names for Zevenhuis business park

April 2014 - The streets in the Zevenhuis business park are named after people who gained international acclaim in the field of economics. The city council of Hoorn accepted the recommendations of the Committee on Naming Public Spaces. Read More>

President Obama visits Rijksmuseum

March 2014 - On the occasion of his official visit to the Netherlands for the Nuclear Security Summit on 24 and 25 March, President Obama of the United States visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. After the Summit he says: ‘Holland is a country for ambitious entrepreneurs’. Read more>

Bamboo specialist MOSO International BV, a pioneer in the Zevenhuis Hoorn business park

March 2014 - MOSO International BV is the first company to settle in the new, sustainable Zevenhuis business park. MOSO is the European market leader in developing and selling innovative and eco-friendly bamboo products. The Zevenhuis management company is especially delighted that MOSO is the groundbreaker. This company fits in perfectly with Zevenhuis, because they, too, put a high premium on sustainability. On 17 March 2014, the parties signed the contracts. MOSO expects to move into the new office and business premises in 2015. Read more>

Microsoft opens office in this region

February 2014 - Microsoft's arrival is evidence of the good investment climate prevailing in this region. We believe that this will stimulate interest in the development opportunities for businesses in this region, also in Zevenhuis, and on an international level.

‘Hands on' at business park Zevenhuis

Guido Scholtens Jan Scholtens Aart Ruppert

July 2013 - Hoorn – On Thursday July 4th of last, the collaborating parties of business park Zevenhuis officially launched the start for the site preparation. Alderman Aart Ruppert, Guido Scholtens of the Scholtens Group and Jan Scholtens of Steenveste rolled up their sleeves.

Ambassadors believe in co-creation and chain collaboration at Zevenhuis

Amber%27s Fotografie Zevenhuis 21 juni 2013 (1)

June 2013 - In the early morning of Friday, June 21st, the longest day of the year, the municipality of Hoorn, Scholtens Group and prominent entrepreneurs from Westfriesland gathered to celebrate the kick-off of Zevenhuis. Here, the partnership presented the new website, in the form of an online platform for entrepreneurs and the new Zevenhuis corporate identity. With pride, they also presented 11 ambassadors who will associate their name and face with the new business park Zevenhuis.

Publication Westfriese Zaken - HOC happy with new business park

June 2013 - 'Zevenhuis impulse for the local economy’. Business park Zevenhuis has everything it takes to become a business park with an exemplary function and an appearance that will stretch far beyond our own region’ says Bertus Schilder,
co-chairman of the Hoornse Ondernemer Compagnie (HOC). ‘We have a beautiful opportunity here for the entrepreneurs and the economy of Hoorn and West Friesland.’

Start sale business park Zevenhuis

Zevenhuis 1

May 2013 - On Thursday April 11th, vice governor Jan van Run gave the official go-ahead for the sale of lots in business park Zevenhuis in Hoorn. Read more >