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partners & stakeholders

Zevenhuis is a public private partnership between Scholtens Group Ltd., the municipality of Hoorn and Steenveste, in close collaboration with the Province of Noord-Holland.

The Province of Noord-Holland is one of the twelve provinces that make up the Netherlands, in economic facts and figures the most vital part of the Dutch economy. It is the home to 55 municipalities, 2,6 million inhabitants, 188,000 national and 2,800 international businesses, two universities, a European top-5 airport (Schiphol), three multi-disciplinary ports, many well-known tourist attractions and a rich cultural life.

The Province of Noord-Holland highly values creating employment and offering space to international companies in the Amsterdam Area. In addition, there is a collaboration with the province of North Holland to realize a good connection to the arterial road in development, N23, to guarantee good accessibility.

Scholtens Group Ltd.
Developing together to build the future.
The Scholtens Group is a family business in the construction and development industry. Three generations have devoted their passion to develop the company into a versatile enterprise.
For over 80 years, customers and relationships have been able to rely on vision and craftsmanship, both greatly valued in this family business.
She is continuously looking for new possibilities, for innovations that may serve people, environment and society.

General director Guido Scholtens: ‘The Netherlands is an attractive country to establish your company, in a business, legal politics and fiscal sense. The Netherlands is a trading nation par excellence, demonstrated by the origin of the VOC. The Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie (East India Company) was the largest trading company in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. It was the first joint-stock company with freely tradable shares in the world. We are known to be a country that works hard and has a great labor mentality. Here at Zevenhuis, we would love to give you the space to work on your company and your future.

Hoorn Municipality
The Municipality of Hoorn provides growth, facilitates entrepreneurs and drives economic activities and therefore is happy to invite you to do business in their beautiful municipality.